Cashwave was founded in 2012 with a goal to develop alternatives to traditional money-transfer services.
We immediately drew investment from the European Fund For Regional Development and in 2014 launched our first project, a digital gifting platform in partnership with the ReWe Group – the BILLA Voucher.

In 2016 Cashwave expanded into Gift Product Distribution in all Central & Eastern Europe countries. Our plans for 2017 include expanding this service to Southern Europe and the Middle East.



Stoytcho Vlaykov

Founder, Managing Director

Stoytcho is a serial technology entrepreneur who is passionate about building innovative products and taking them to market. Previously, founder and managing director of M Telecom Ltd – a leading mobile content and marketing company in Bulgaria (sold to Velti PLC in 2007).

Nikolay Vlaykov

Co-founder, Software Architect

Nick has a 20+ years experience of software development Director Software development of medical technology start-up, PharmaTrust, Canada. Held senior software development positions at several tech consultancies in Toronto, Canada.

Asparuh Vasilev

Co-founder, Product Director

Asparuh has over 10 year experience in developing mobile and online solutions. He translates the product vision into reality and has the rare skill to coordinate, motivate and support to technical team members.

Albert Treacy

Director, International

Albert is based in the UK and France and comes with over 15 years of product experience. This was gained initially at the BBC and subsequently at Yahoo!, where his main responsibility was the localisation of US designed products for international markets. He will lead a similar effort at Cashwave as we add new territories, products and features.